A unique companion for teams in air transport to record, track & distribute operations information

Recording information and events

Logbook is a tool for operation teams to record and centralise information about significant events occuring during their shifts. It replaces cumbersome Word and email reports through use of modern timeline and tagging features, similar to the ones used in a social network. The result is simple to archive and easily searchable.

Plug and play Deploy instantly to your team with no training needed

Tagged information Fast and comfortable data entry enriched with tags

Sharing information

Operation teams struggle to manage their mail-boxes and are overwhelmed by the unfiltered flow of messages of all sorts and origins. Logbook brings all standard functionalities and ergonomics of a digital network application facilitating interaction, collaboration and exchange of information

Teams Sound and secure circulation of information amongst a team

Export Multi-format information distribution

Traceability of information

It is cumbersome and time-consuming to search for specific information in a mailbox or a set of word reports. Logbook’s tags and search capabilities are the magic wand for a fast and efficient search.

Tracking Instant recovery of a specific flight or operational event information

Archives Structured archiving of operational logs and reports