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Clip is a real time messaging application dedicated to air transport. It facilitates instant communication between every stakeholders. It is built on a platform that accepts any information and formats. It can be connected to any system. So you and your team can be up and running in seconds.

Plug and Play newsfeed

Multi-devices App
The information can be sent and accessed from everywhere.
Clip works on every device and every OS. Whether you are on a computer, smartphone or tablet you can make your communication efficent with Clip.

Every format and protocol
Many stakeholders use specific file formats and protocols.
Clip accepts all of them so it can be integrated in every workflow.

Connecting systems
Air transport systems generates massive data every day.
Clip allows all teams to access to the relevant ones quickly and easily.

Data sharing

Concentrate Data
Clip is the backbone of collaborative processing.
Spending less time looking for appropriate information
improves your productivity significantly.

Secured access to information
Security is a priority, all the data in Clip are managed
to be only accessible by elligible people.

Collaborative powered
Being a single point of information in
the Air Transport industry, Clip gets larger and richer
content thanks to collaborative messaging.

Rich customer interactions

Organize/structure data from emails
Clip can analyze any formatted or unstructured data to
provide better information for customer interactions.

Aligned with connected travellers
Adaptable and intuitive, Clip allows smart and fast
interactions, to meet passengers expectations.