Case Studies

Biarritz Airport

The Challenge
Biarritz Airport is located in the Basque region of France. With more than one million passengers a year, the airport was keen to improve the overall passenger experience. In 2015, Biarritz Airport and Deolan began discussing how they could improve communication, collaboration and information sharing on the ground.
The Solution
Biarritz Airport wanted to to overhaul its legacy IT systems which housed information in various silos, integrating these diverse IT systems through one platform to better manage airport activity and to give their passengers a smooth and enjoyable experience.
Deolan's platform allows us to work quickly and efficiently to enhance the quality of our service. The ability to respond in real-time and interactively allows us to anticipate complex situations and handle them better than before.
Didier Roche
Managing Director
The Results
Biarritz has been the laboratory for developing Deolan’s collaboration tool, Logbook. By providing a single plug and play platform, Logbook has helped Biarritz significantly transform efficiency across the airports teams. By centralising its data, Logbook has given the teams on the ground the ability to better and more easily share information from day one. In a nutshell, the platform has improved operational efficiency, productivity and communication within the airport by synchronising and centralising information into one place.