Ground operations teams can now distribute and track who has read and acknowledged instructions and airline procedures through Deolan’s collaboration platform, saving time and enhancing performance, quality and compliance.

For years, grounds operations managers have struggled with the task of circulating instructions and airline procedures amongst their teams, due to reliance on email and hard copy distribution. Vital updates frequently get lost in overflowing inboxes, while recording and tracking acknowledgments is time-consuming and inefficient. The productivity and performance of the whole ground operation suffers as a result.

Now, Deolan has developed a solution, with the launch of a new module for Logbook that streamlines the distribution of instructions amongst ground operations teams. The module, known as Instructions, enables users to circulate important updates and airline procedures via the platform, to be acknowledged by recipients using a dedicated button.

The sender can track and audit acknowledgements centrally via Logbook, ensuring key information has been seen and digested by the right people. All current and past instructions are then stored centrally on the platform, where managers can quickly see their status, and access archived logs to deal with any complaints or disputes. Having a central record of all past instructions is also invaluable for compliance and audit purposes, such as completing annual airline audits.

The functionality works equally well for day-to-day instructions and the more formal procedures documents that are regularly sent out by airlines. Covering issues such as safety alerts, equipment health-check, baggage requirements, service level agreements and turnaround times, failure to manage these effectively can impact customer safety, the passenger experience, and potentially leave ground operations teams in breach of contract. Logbook Instructions will reduce this burden significantly, driving improved productivity, performance and quality of service.

Instructions is now live on Logbook and updates can be sent to both existing Logbook users and those not yet on the platform. Deolan will also be making a number of enhancements to Instructions in the coming months, including the ability to file and view electronic copies of documents, categorise logs with tags, include links to flights and search past records.