About us

Founded in 2007 by a team of entrepreneurs, air transport specialists and IT experts, Deolan is a data platform dedicated to improve operations and communications efficiencies in the aviation industry.

Serving airports, airlines and ground service providers, we have gained an unparalleded view of the ecosystem's communication and collaboration challenges. This deep insight helps us to drive innovations in data aggregation, contextualisation and distribution of the most relevant information for all our clients.
At Deolan we are passionnate about enabling users to document, share and find information more easily. We do this by replacing legacy systems and processes to save time, increase operational quality and as a result enhance the passenger experience.

Our offices

Deolan Bordeaux Did someone say wine?
Headquarters full
of awesome people

Deolan Paris The city of love!
Great People in many
areas of expertise

Deolan Voiron Mountains and snow!
The most kind &
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